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EZE Decker (Set of 2)

EZE Decker (Set of 2)

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(Set of 2)

EZE Decker is a convenient way to fasten almost anything to a dock or a deck.  From chairs to furniture, anything on your deck can be fastened with an EZE Decker and a bungee cord or rope.  Even use an EZE Decker to tie a pet rope to – and you can move locations with a twist of the wrist.  EZE Decker is rust-free and saltwater friendly.

Installing EZE Decker takes seconds by Inserting the base between the planks and turning it 90 degrees.  It’s now secure and ready to use.  Tie your rope or bungee cord to the 1 3/8” ring and you’re good to go.


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