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Shoreline Dock Ladders & Steps

Shoreline Dock Ladders & Steps

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Dock steps and dock ladders from Shoreline Industries are the perfect choice for transitioning from the dock to the water or from the dock to the shore. Constructed of aluminum, the Shoreline Industries dock steps and dock ladders are safe, durable and will not rust, rot, or corrode like steel or wood dock steps and dock ladders can. Pivoting Ladder The dock ladder can be pivoted up and out of the water when not in use to prevent algae growth and debris from accumulating on the steps. Constructed of aluminum the Shoreline Industries dock ladder is available in either a 3 step, 4 step, or 5 step configuration. Available sizes:
  • Pivoting Aluminum Dock Ladder 3 step (#1006596)
  • Pivoting Aluminum Dock Ladder 4 step (#1006597)
  • Pivoting Aluminum Dock Ladder 5 step (#1006598)
Dock Steps Aluminum dock steps are available in either 4 step or 6 step configurations. The dock step legs are adjustable to 18" and allow for various water depths. The steps are 22" wide. Dock steps are a great way to access your dock from the water, and your water from the dock and work well near the shoreline or where the water depth is shallow enough to allow the foot pads to rest on the bottom. Available sizes:
  • Aluminum Dock Steps 4 Step with Handrail (#1006567)
  • Aluminum Dock Steps 6 Step with Handrail (#1006566)
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