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Aquaglide Revel Lounge

To revel means to take great pleasure in, and that is exactly what this lounge was meant for. Part of Aquaglide's all-new Liquid Lounge series, Revel Lounge is a waterfront social lounge for family-sized groups. Featuring laid-back tatami-style seating around a family table, the Revel Lounge also has a mesh-bottom footwell and cooler cutout. The whole layout lives beneath a shady cabana top to keep everyone chill. Easily accommodates up to 6 users. Use as a stand-alone, a social space for mini-parks, or as an additional revenue stream in the commercial setting. Connects on up to two sides with Vario straps.


  • Product # 58-5221114
  • Dimensions: L 9.9' x W 9.9' x H 7.44'
  • Minimum water depth: 3.3ft