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The fun way to get around! The Corcl is a durable, round boat that is a gentle introduction to the waterfront for your youngest campers and a spinning, fun vehicle for your most active. Kids can go alone or with a friend to paddle, race, spin or relax. With a plastic double hull, the boat is lightweight and low maintenance, but rugged enough for years of enjoyment. A buoyant tether rope comes with each boat for carrying, connecting and righting. Corcl Game Packs are available for programming assistance/ ways to play. To use the WGWAG, simply stand and shift your weight side to side on the stable deck and the submerged fins propel you straight ahead through the water. No paddle needed. Slide one foot back on the deck while continuing to rock side to side turns you. Left foot back, you turn left. Right foot back, you turn right. The WGWAG is good exercise, good fun! It's like a light Stairmaster workout, on the water.

 Features include:

  • Best use capacity- 160 lbs and less
  • Innovative, double-hull design for versatility
  • Ergonomic handles
  • Durable polyethylene plastic for rugged use and years of no-hassle care
  • UV7 color protection
  • EVA foam deck pad for comfort and traction
  • Red double-looped tether line/ paddle leash included for paddle security and game play
  • Stackable for easy storage, can be easily cabled and locked
  • For use in calm waters only
Features include:
  • A tether rope is included to help you balance when you first start out.
  • The durable fins come with a 3-year warranty. They are removable to allow for WGWAG stacking in the off-season.
  • Best use- ages 10 through adult from 75 to 225 lbs.
  • Product Weight - 45 lbs
  • Product Dimensions - 48'W x 57'L x 17'H